Keenan Clousing

The Greatest Comeback Story

Keenan Clousing was a son to Patti and Joel Clousing, a sibling to 5 (Kori, Kole, Keisha, Kade and Kaleb), and a father to Jayelyn Clousing. Keenan was an elite athlete whose life turned upside down when he became trapped in his drug addiction. Keenan committed to serving his life for Christ, but in the end his addiction won his body but Christ still won his soul. Keenan has the most extraordinary and inspirational story. His story shows the world that there is hope even in the darkest valleys.

Never above you,


never below you,


always right beside you

A remembrance of Keenan's childhood.

Dedicated to Patti & Joel Clousing

Created by Keisha Clousing. 



"The ONEGOALONEHOPE assemblies have been excellent for our 8th graders. In the spring of each year, 8th grade students' excitement and anxiety about their transition to high school starts to grow. It is the perfect time to have a group of high school role models come to the middle school and talk about how to have the best high school experience possible. The high schoolers share their tips on how to get involved and make good decisions in order to avoid some of the distractions and pitfalls that will inevitably present themselves. High school staff and members of the police and fire departments share their tips for success as well. The students leave the assembly more excited but a lot less anxious, knowing they will have support of upperclassmen and many adults to help them through their high school years. "


-Rachel Bednar, Principal of Edison Middle School (Wheaton, IL)

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